And our first dead bird of the new year is this female Watercock, which was found in a very weak state earlier today at the East Coast area before it succumbed to its injuries and died sometime in the evening.

Source: David Tan Instagram

My first dead bird of the new year, and it’s a migratory female Watercock (Gallicrex cinerea), which was found in an extremely weakened state earlier in the day before succumbing to its injuries later in the evening. Judging by its size it must be a really young bird.

Source: David Tan, on Dead Birds Facebook Group

Watercock (Gallicrex cinerea)
Bukit Gombak, 25th December 2013;

This photo of a female Watercock carcass was taken by David Tan from the Avian Genetics lab in NUS, who collected it after he was notified about the carcass by Flo Tang.

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