Shell of Winged Argonaut with aperture facing upwards. Photograph by Letchumi d/o Mani

Winged Argonaut (Argonauta hians shell at Semakau Landfill

Location, date and time: Singapore Strait, Semakau Landfill, western part; 12 November 2015; 1600 hrs.

Observation: As shown in the attached picture, a shell of a female argonaut was found stranded and half-submerged among the roots of a bakau tree (Rhizophora sp.). A hole was observed on the lateral side of the thin, boxy shell of about 8 cm.

Remarks: This appears to be the second record of a Winged Argonaut shell found in Singapore. The first record for the country was also at Semakau Landfill (Lee et al., 2015).


  • Lee B. Y, S. K. Tan & M. E. Y. Low, 2015. Singapore Mollusca: 9. The family Argonautidae, with a new record of Argonauta hians (Cephalopoda: Octopoda: Argonautoidea). Nature in Singapore. 8: 15-24.

Source: Singapore Biodiversity Records 2015: 185