Plain Sand Star (Astropecten indicus) (?)
Changi, 1st June 2008

Channeled Apple Snail

Channeled Apple Snail (Pomacea canaliculata)
Changi, 1st June 2008

30 of these apple snails were found scattered along a short stretch of shore at Changi Point, all very dead and smelling very bad, with many already seething with maggots. These are freshwater snails, so what were they doing in a coastal area, and why were there so many of them in such a small area? Apple snails are raised for human consumption in many parts of Southeast Asia, so my suspicion is that this was a misguided (and uninformed) attempt to release these snails in order to rescue them from the horrible fate of being eaten. A whole lot of good it did for the snails.

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