Domestic Dog

Domestic Dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
Bukit Merah, 21st May 2011

The scattered remains of this Domestic Dog (including the skull, several limb bones, and scapulae) were found in the vegetation along the KTM railway tracks that run through Bukit Merah. It was most probably killed by a passing train.

Tapestry Turban Snail

Tapestry Turban Snail (Turbo petholatus)
Lazarus Island, 20th February 2011

Unlike the Dwarf Turban Snail (Turbo bruneus) and Ribbed Turban Snail (Turbo intercostalis), which are both commonly encountered on rocky shores and coral rubble in many parts of Singapore, the Tapestry Turban Snail is a much rarer species. Currently listed as Endangered in the 2008 edition of the Singapore Red Data Book, we’ve yet to find a live specimen on our shore trips.

Baler Volute

Baler Volute (Melo melo)
Chek Jawa, 24th April 2011

This empty shell of a Baler Volute was found during a routine Team Seagrass monitoring session. Strangely, unlike most other large empty shells, this one was not occupied by a Striped Hermit Crab (Clibanarius infraspinatus), although it had clearly already been colonised by Flat Slipper Limpets (Crepidula walshi), ascidians, and algae.

Domestic Cat

Domestic cat (Felis sylvestris catus)
Kranji, 27th June 2011


This dead domestic cat was found on the pavement along a small but busy road in Kranji. It looked relatively fresh, there was no blood in the vicinity and there wasn’t any smell, but it was cold and stiff to the touch. It’s likely that it had been struck by a vehicle while crossing the road, and made it to the pavement before dying from possible internal injuries.