Thailand: Long-Tailed Macaque Found Dead on Buddha Mountain

30th March 2015;

March 29,2015; at 2.00 p.m., the journalists of Pattaya city were informed that there was an accident involving a big Long-tailed Macaque (Macaca fascicularis) which had been killed by a car in front of Chalerm Phra Kiat King Bhumibol Forestry Plantation on Khao Chee Chan – 331 road, Tambon Na Jom Tian, Amphur Sattahip, Chon Buri province, so they rushed to inspect at scene.

At the scene on a steep hill in the middle of the road they found the body of a male Long-tailed Macaque aged approximately 5-6 years old. The journalists assumed that it had been dead for half an hour therefore the journalists and some local people buried it in the woods next to the road.

Upon questioning Mr. Surasak Anumethangkul (Head of the Training Centre of the Forest Conservation Department) revealed that there are approximately 1,000 Long-tailed Macaques that live in the 2 forests between the Chalerm Phra Kiat King Bhumibol Forestry Plantation and Non-Hunting Area of Khao Chee On. He also said that the monkeys like to cross the road and many had been killed in the past by cars so they had put ladders up in the air which were suspended from the trees which they used to cross the road without putting themselves in danger. But the problem is that people are still feeding the monkeys so they come down to the side of the road and sometimes get hit by speeding cars so he would like to ask people not to feed them and also to reduce their speed whilst passing through the area so not to put the monkeys in any further danger.

Source: Pattaya Daily News

Thailand: Long-Tailed Macaque Found Dead on Buddha Mountain

Thailand: Appeal to reduce Monkey Deaths close to Pattaya Silverlake
30th March 2015;

An appeal has begun to increase awareness of the many monkey deaths which are occurring close to the Silverlake area, on the outskirts of Pattaya, where over 1,000 Monkeys are thought to live in forested areas.

On Sunday Afternoon we visited the area and spotted a dead monkey on the side of Highway 331 in Kow Chi Chan close to Silverlake in the Na-Jomtien area. It was clear that the monkey had just died and appeared to be feeding at the time of its demise.

Local Authorities are appealing for motorists and members of the public not to feed the monkeys close to the roads as it teaches them that food is available close to the highway which can lead to accidents as monkeys go in search of their next meal.

Compounding the problem is the release of unwanted pet monkeys in the area which are not used to living in the wild and are generally not accepted by groups of wild monkeys, forcing them to search for food away from the forested areas.

Source: Pattaya One

An approximately 4.5m dead False Killer Whale (Pseudorca crassidens) stranded in Tarragona, Davao Oriental yesterday.

Source: Birador Ng Bayan Facebook, via Marine Wildlife Watch of the Philippines Facebook

Thailand: Dead turtle washes up on the shores of Koh Samui
30th March 2015;

On the 29th of March 2015 the Samui Rescue team were called to the stretch of beach in front of the Samui Orchid Resort Moo 2 Maret after a tourist informed them of a large dead turtle they had come across on the beach.

The female turtle was 87cm long and 81 cm wide aged approximately 30 years old weighing around 100kg. A representative of the fisheries department estimated she had been dead for around ten days. A wound was found where the shell meets the body, a biopsy was taken of the matter protruding from the wound to be sent to the Marine Coastal Conservation Centre to try to establish the cause of death. Turtles are a protected species under the Wildlife Protection Act of 2535. It is thought the remains of the turtle will be buried.

Source: Samui Times

Black Eeltail Catfish (Plotosus canius)
Pasir Ris, 22nd February 2015

This Black Eeltail Catfish was one of the many casualties of yet another fish mass mortality event that was triggered by a harmful algal bloom.